J.R.R. Tolkien – The Silmarillion

Despite having been quite a big Tolkien fan ever since I got my hand on a Lord of the Rings copy, I’d never

The title page, of the book "The Silmaril...

The title page, of the book “The Silmarillion” by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited and published by his son Christopher Tolkien. 

read The Silmarillion until last month and in hindsight I do not know what kept me so long. (Probably the fact that I did own a copy) After many years I finally found a copy and quickly became emerged in the creation of Middle-Earth by Eru and the Valar and the History of the Silmarillion.

The sheer depth and magnitude of these heroic sagas blew me away. The detail with which Tolkien wrote these stories is amazing and it truly gave more depth to both The Hobbit as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. For me it evoked the feeling as if I was listening to an elderly family member telling me all these stories about creation and battle and at times I had to remind myself that it is fiction and not an actual historical account of world history. Which saddens me slightly simply because Middle-Earth seems to be a marvelous world to inhabit.

The only aspect that confused me every once in a while was the amount of characters appearing and then dying in quick succession. It made the story slightly difficult to follow as I had to check and recheck the back of the book for the genealogies to remind myself of this character and how he/she is connected to the overall story. I’d also wish that there would be an opportunity to get more detailed account of the stories to read, because I’d really would like to find out more about this world and its customs and history. I do know there are more books about the history and people of Middle-Earth so I’m going to search for copies of those to read :).

All in all I loved The Silmarillion with its combination of tragedy, heartbreak and hope. I find it difficult to pinpoint one single favourite story in the book, because I feel I have to reread it at some point to get a better grasp of the overall story and its finer details. In the meanwhile I’d just continue with being awestruck by this intricate and spellbinding world of fiction





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