Classic Club Meme – September

Pick a classic someone else in the club has read from our big review list. Link to their review andoffer a quote from their post describing their reaction to the book. What about their post makes you excited to read that classic in particular?


Cover of "Dubliners (Dover Thrift Edition...

This month we were asked to look at a review of another Classic clubber. My attention was caught by one of the two James Joyce reviews and I decided to check out Patty at A tale of three cities.’s review of James Joyce’s Dubliners. As I am studying in Dublin right now and often heard from my professors how Dubliners is a good starting point for reading Joyce, my attention was peaked. Yet I wasn’t quite sure wheter I should read it myself just yet, as I have a massive pile of reading work to do for my classes.

 ” these stories are meant to be reflections, for a limited time, of the life of a Dubliner, and I was left with a feeling of wanting more.”

Reading Patty’s review, and particularly this sentence , made me curios about the way Dublin and DUbliners are portrayed in this book. Now I am resolved to read Dubliners before I leave in May. As these stories reflect the life of the ordinary Dubliner, I hope to find a glance of modern day Dublin in the stories and maybe even a glimps of the stories in Dublin.







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